My Communication Methods

I communicate in many different ways including American Sign Language, letterboard, my iPad, and through my facial expressions. I am aware this isn’t traditional, but it works for me. Having multiple methods helps me communicate most effectively in the situation I’m in. I hope these videos help and I would love to answer any of your questions!

I use sign language to communicate when I am on the go and need something quickly. It’s really helpful when I’m in public and don’t have time to waste.
My letterboard is my main method of communication. I use it in therapy, at school, and with family.
This is my Ipad. I am still learning how to use it, so it takes me a longer time, but I really like it! I use TouchChat and it has a keyboard, Emoji board, and a board where I can program sayings I like. I like using it to prepare answers to say out loud in class. Here is what I programmed to tell my classmates on my first day of school. I hope to use the keyboard on it all the time independently.


  1. Thanks again Mitchell. My son is almost 7 and uses a few different methods as well. I hope one day he can type his thoughts like you do.


  2. Hey Mitchell, Thank you for posting your videos and explanations. You are very good at signing and spelling. I hope lots of people have a chance to learn from your example.


  3. Hi Mitchell! Thank you for this post.My son is 16 and we looked together.It’s always motivational reading and seeing you.Chould you share what app you use? I like that it looks like a letterboard.


  4. Mitchell–how wonderful you are able to share all these different methods that are useful for you. How inspiring you are, and you are inspiring others to communicate regardless of the obstacles. Thank you.


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